006. – The state of politics II.

In blog post #002 back in June I discussed the state of politics in America, listing the major dilemmas and challenges the two parties face. In this post, I focus on the state of America’s institutions. In a liberal democracy, institutions play a key role in politics. Political actors (politicians, parties, voters, media, interest groups,Continue reading “006. – The state of politics II.”

005. – Sleepy diplomacy

I have been wanting to publish this post for weeks, but the controversial pullout of the United States from Afghanistan provided me with an opportunity to publish two very important posts from a friend on my blog. As tension has eased with America’s full withdrawal, my blog is back on track. This time, I analyzeContinue reading “005. – Sleepy diplomacy”

004. – Stepping in for the Government

A friend of mine interviewed an new NGO in Texas that is trying to help Afghans get out of the country; August 23, 2021 College Station, TX — As the Afghanistan crisis worsens and tens of thousands of Americans and Afghan allies remain stuck in the country, NGOs and private citizens are stepping in toContinue reading “004. – Stepping in for the Government”

003. – On the Afghanistan Withdrawal

A dear friend of mine – who wants to retain anonymity – wrote a great piece on Afghanistan last week; Afghanistan is difficult to write about because it is immense, but the gravity of the situation requires comment. America withdraws having not only lost the war, but also its global hegemony and moral clarity. WhileContinue reading “003. – On the Afghanistan Withdrawal”

002. – The case for the two-party system

In recent years I’ve talked to many Americans who blame some of their politics’ flaws on the two-party system. They believe a third party or multiple new parties would lead to better representation, more compromise, and a healthier political system. In this post I will discuss why it is unlikely that the two-party system willContinue reading “002. – The case for the two-party system”

001. – The state of politics I.

Joe Biden, the 46th President was inaugurated almost five months ago, so it is a good time to examine the state of politics in America. This post will discuss the two parties, and I will analyze the state of institutions in a later post. Last November, Democrats managed to unseat the incumbent president, retain theirContinue reading “001. – The state of politics I.”